iPhone Users Invited to Test App that translates Italian food menu to English

iPhone users are invited to test “Menu Italia” – an app created for travellers and food lovers to translate Italian food and menu items into English, and expected to be launched in August 2013.

The app is the first-ever specialist Italian food dictionary with over 5000 Italian food and menu items listed with English descriptions and pronunciation. Specifically designed to help non-Italian speakers, it provides food and menu descriptions not found in other general language translation apps or phrasebooks.

“Over 6 million English-speaking tourists visit Italy each year and the majority want help with choosing items on an Italian menu,” said Menu Translate’s marketing manager, Elise Taylor.

“We have provided the first-ever app to solve this problem when eating at a local place. Travellers can go beyond just eating at tourist restaurants with an English menu”, she said.

A unique feature of the app is its “notepad” to allow a list of term to be created from searches.

“It is often hard to remember the names of dishes you want to order from a menu. The notepad allows you to shortlist dishes and their pronunciation — so you can easily order when the waiter arrives.”

A photo and map location can be added to the notepad of saved dishes to create a food diary of the restaurant experience. These notes can also be shared on social media or emailed.

Menu Italia will be launched in August 2013. iPhone users are invited to volunteer as final beta testers for the app before it is released in the Apple app store. Register at menutranslate.co.uk

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